Bonehenge Whale Center

The proposed Bonehenge Whale Center in Beaufort, NC is a facility from which to base research, exhibit preparation and display, marine conservation, educational programming, outreach, publications, and stranded specimen collection/maintenance that focus on NC cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), past and present.

The term “Bonehenge” was conceived in 2009 to represent a volunteer-built pole barn, a fundraiser, and a web site dedicated to the bone preparation and skeletal rearticulation of a 33.5’ male sperm whale that stranded and died at Cape Lookout, NC in January, 2004. That skeletal display (named “Echo”) was completed in March, 2012 and is on display at the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. For more information, please visit

Karen Hattman’s “Spirit Whale” ( was created to represent the project and inspire creativity.

The proposed Bonehenge Whale Center project reflected on this web site grew from the momentum created by the original Bonehenge. In early 2017, volunteers and donors collaborated to purchase land on West Beaufort Road adjacent to the NC Maritime Museum’s Gallants Channel Annex. That land is now owned by the 501c3 charitable non-profit Carolina Cay Maritime Foundation. The proposed building will provide improved work and display space for the projects reflected at We are working to represent the impressive cetacean (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) diversity of North Carolina – 34 cetacean species have been documented in the waters off NC as of 2016.

Thank you for your interest and support. For more information, please contact