Classic Fin Matching Game

Bottlenose dolphin neonate next to a presumed mom. Photo by Danielle Waples, Duke Marine Lab under NOAA/NMFS permit.

We use dorsal fin photography to identify individual dolphins scars and notches they acquire – a process called photo-identification. Using this method, we have been able to monitor the presence, birth rates, associations of individual dolphins from as far back as 1985. We have been able to track movements of individual dolphins as far as central Florida to our south and New Jersey to our north. We thought it would be fun and educational for you to try your hand at dolphin photo-ID.

These dorsal fins of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) were photographed in the waters near Beaufort, North Carolina. Click on a photo. If the next photo you click on is of the same dolphin a green sign will flash. If not, a red warning  will appear.

Photo-ID Game

Bottlenose Dolphin Photo-Identification

All photos by Keith Rittmaster.

Fin Matching Game created by

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